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The Heart of Cheese is beating in Kaya Farm!

Our principles were specific.

Clearly, these principles are everyone's common principles, actually. But our differece was our commitment to theese principles, namely honesty, hygienic manufacturing, and to offer products suitable for human health. So, we have recognized and shown that it was possible to grow without compromising on two important factors: Human health and taste.

In 2009, our new factory started to operate which established on an area 10.000 m2, and it had milk processing capacity 200 tons per day, using all all technological arguments.

Our products, have provided a more sensitive, more delicious, and healthier range as our Research and Development studies combined with the experience and knowledge. As for to the reason why our range of products flounshed in Edirne, we thought: Kel Aliço as the symbol of heath and sturdiness. He was a world giant born and grown in that land, and he didn’t lose his title as the wrestling champion to anyone for 26 years.

We said;

Whenever the mineral and elemental abundance in this land is directed to nature and human and when it ornaments the tables in the form of milk, cheese, ayran, and yoghurt, it can offer all the nounrishing and powerful health norms into life. So, we made a situation assessment with hard-working and open-minded crews believing in common sense, while the products of Kaya Çiftliği (Kaya Çiftliği) produced in this natural environment reached our people in the country. With a new brand and a big corporate move, we determined our new corporate identity.


''Kaya Çiftliği''

We have been offering and will go on to offer more highly qualified and healthier products with our new face for many years.


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